Values & Services


Values & Services

Established in 1984, Bob Mould Architects endeavour to deliver an original innovative and effective service to our clients. Our concepts and design philosophies are developed in response to unique project specific criteria, such as client needs, community aspirations, context, cost, space, function and the environment.

In our quest to produce sustainable urban design and architecture, the practice aims to achieve optimal environmental, social and economic outcomes. Occupant well being, fulfilling community needs and the enhancement of the built environment are considered primary objectives. Environmental impacts are minimized through preemptive design considerations aimed at not only delivering net present value, but also long term benefits to future generations.

Unlike ecosystems in nature which can grow, reproduce and heal themselves, we understand that urban environments require a concerted effort on the part of the designer to ensure that net gains are derived from good planning such as community focused solutions, to deliver sustainable outcomes.

Bob Mould Architects offer comprehensive professional services in Urban Design and Architecture. Our service encompasses a holistic approach to planning which supports public and private life through the design of landscapes, architecture and public spaces in between buildings. We make analytical evaluations, and deliver both Urban Design and Architectural designs with full documentation to enable an area to be developed while we inspect the works under construction and administer the contracts on behalf of our clients. The practice is proficient in the management of “fast track” projects where time becomes an integral part of the financial success of a project and where optimal value is achieved through a time-cost-quality equilibrium.

Our state of the art technology in computer software enables our office to produce three-dimensional models and animated video clips of projects to generate realistic representations of buildings within their contexts.